Ways Insurers Stonewall Personal Injury Claims

Ways Insurers Stonewall Personal Injury Claims

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Stonewalling an insurance claim means to delay processing it for months or years. As any experienced Waldorf personal injury attorney can attest, it’s a common tactic. Insurers often use it to pressure claimants into accepting low settlements. However, insurers that delay the processing of claims or fail to respond to them entirely can be held liable for paying damages due to bad faith.

Your Waldorf personal injury attorney should be familiar with these common stonewalling tactics.

Economic Pressure

In an effort to force a claimant into accepting an early, low settlement, a claims representative may refuse to provide advance payment for basic necessities like rent, food and other living expenses. A competent Waldorf personal injury lawyer should know ways of dealing with this tactic.

Unfair Leveraging

In the case of a multi-part claim, a claims representative may refuse to pay any part of it until the claimant agrees to settle all of it. For instance, if your claim includes a part for bodily injury and another for damages to your vehicle, which you need to get to and from work, the rep may refuse to pay for the car damages until you agree to settle regarding the bodily injury portion. Your Waldorf personal injury attorney may be able to help you navigate this tricky situation.

Excess Coverage

Before paying the medical expenses associated with your claim, your rep may force you to use your own health coverage and then take credit for it, which results in a lower settlement. An experienced Waldorf personal injury lawyer will be familiar with this tactic and should be able to offer strategies to deal with it.

Retain an Experienced Waldorf Personal Injury Attorney

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