Waldorf Personal Injury Lawyer Warns That Insurers Are Not Afraid of Court

Waldorf Personal Injury Lawyer Warns That Insurers Are Not Afraid of Court

Applying bandage Waldorf Personal Injury LawyerA Waldorf personal injury lawyer says that insurance companies are not afraid to take personal injury cases to court, despite the belief by some consumers that they will settle more quickly if they believe they may be sued. In fact, there are some insurance companies that would rather take the case to court rather than pay a settlement.

Outside Chance of Large Verdict

Many insurance companies realize that there is a slim chance that a verdict will award an injured person a large verdict, especially since the majority of claims are small in personal injury cases. An insurance company may attempt to avoid paying $6,000 to settle a $10,000 claim, but that does not mean they will avoid allowing the case to go to court completely. In fact, an insurance company would rather see the case filed in court rather than admit they are willing to settle without litigation, especially if liability is an issue. There have been cases where an insurance company has spent $10,000 to litigate a case that could have been settled initially for just $3,000.

Closing Files

An insurance adjuster’s job is to close files, but they are not willing to close a file if it will compromise a claim’s value. Once litigation is initiated, the adjuster hands the file over to the defense attorney, effectively ending their handling of the case. Once the file is in the defense attorney’s hands, the adjuster simply provides information to the attorney about the case as needed, leaving the attorney to fight in court.

Supervisor Approval

At every insurance company, adjusters and claims managers must have settlement agreements approved by a supervisor. This allows the adjuster or claims manager to delay paying a claim until receiving such approval. No adjuster will jeopardize the insurance company by agreeing to a settlement that could be questioned or tested later. Insurance companies require significant documentation and justification which means an employee will not risk their position in order to close a file and avoid a lawsuit. Even small claims require significant documentation and support. This means that the days of settling a claim with a few phone calls and letters may be over, which is why you need to discuss your claim with a Waldorf personal injury lawyer.

Hire a Waldorf Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are injured due to someone else’s negligence or error, you may find that the insurance company is less likely to settle your claim quickly, even when it seems as if your case is simple. Therefore, it is important to hire a qualified personal injury attorney like those found at the Law Office of Carroll Drake, LLC. If you or a loved one have been injured, contact a Waldorf personal injury lawyer today at 301-638-1280 to learn what rights you may have.