Our Waldorf Personal Injury Lawyer Knows How to Sell Your Case

Our Waldorf Personal Injury Lawyer Knows How to Sell Your Case

Waldorf Personal Injury LawyerSimilar to an experienced salesperson, our Waldorf personal injury lawyer has the ability to sell his point to the claims adjuster and jury and convince others of his or her perspective. An attorney went through law school and has years of experience in dealing with all types of people, including other lawyers, juries, judges and claims adjusters. As such, he or she is gifted in the power of persuasion, trying to convince them to agree to his or her point of view regarding medical expenses, time off work and pain and suffering. The lawyer will put together a convincing package of information for the insurance representative so that it is in the best interests of the client. The attorney’s goal is to avoid litigation, which takes months or even years, and amounts to considerable expense for all involved parties. As a result, the lawyer works to convince the claims adjuster to see his or her perspective of the case.

What a Waldorf Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do to Work with a Claims Adjuster

  • Our Waldorf personal injury lawyer will take the time to work with the claims adjuster and treat him or her fairly instead of treating them as inferior.
  • A personal injury attorney will provide an exchange of information with the insurance adjuster. For example, the lawyer might ask if the claims representative has a copy of the police report. If not, the attorney can provide a copy in order to help out the insurance adjuster in processing the claim.
  • Similarly, our Waldorf personal injury lawyer understands what information the claims representative needs in order to effectively assess the claim. In fact, if the adjuster is inexperienced, the attorney might know what information he or she needs even if the claims representative is not sure. For example, in vehicular accidents, the adjuster will need the police reports, doctor’s reports, medical information and diagnoses and a statement of lost wages. The Waldorf personal injury lawyer will send readable copies of these documents to the adjuster in a timely fashion. Illegible copies are a waste of time as the claims representative will need new copies from either the attorney or another source.

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