A Waldorf Personal Injury Lawyer Can Tell You All About Medical Exams

A Waldorf Personal Injury Lawyer Can Tell You All About Medical Exams

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After your Waldorf personal injury lawyer files your personal injury lawsuit, you may be requested to submit to a defense medical examination. Your attorney can explain this process and what it means for your case.

What Is a Defense Medical Examination?

A defense medical examination is usually conducted by a physician chosen by the defendant. According to the court rules, this type of examination is often allowed in personal injury lawsuits. The plaintiff can be required to undergo such an examination.

Purpose of Defense Medical Examinations

This examination is standard in many personal injury cases. Being requested to submit to such an exam may not be any cause for concern. However, it is important for you to understand that the physician who conducts this type of examination is being paid for by the defense. As such, the physician may be instructed by the defendant’s lawyer to uncover information that will aid in the defense’s case. For example, the defendant’s attorney may ask the physician to be critical of any complaints you make, to find evidence that is contrary to the information that you provide to the physician and to uncover any evidence that may support the notion that your injuries are not as serious as you claim. In sum, the physician may be asked to find any information that can be used against you in order to limit your claim’s value. In this manner, such a doctor is not working to aid you in any way. Instead, his or her only task is to examine you and then to report findings to the defense’s team. For this reason, your Waldorf personal injury lawyer believes it is important that you know to enter such an examination in a cautious manner.

Legal Assistance from a Waldorf Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer may be able to offer you suggestions and tips to help you avoid being taken advantage of during a defense medical examination. For more information on this subject or to retain a Waldorf personal injury lawyer in your case, contact the Law Office of Carroll Drake, LC at (301) 638-1280.