A Waldorf Personal Injury Attorney Explains Your Case’s Worth

waldorf personal injury attorney book gavel balanceThis is the most common question that our Waldorf personal injury attorney hears in her scope of work. However, it is also one of the most difficult questions to answer. It is almost impossible to accurately predict a case’s value until there is ample evidence of damages. The following factors can affect the value of a case.

Medical Bills

The total dollar amount for your medical bills plays an important component in assessing the value of your claim. Some insurance adjusters and lawyers predict the value of a claim by multiplying the value of the medical expenses by a variable, such as 2, 2.5 or 3. Another important component of the value of a claim is how the medical bill was incurred. For example, whether the bill derived from a laboratory test, surgery, chiropractic care or prescription can be an important consideration.

Lost Wages

A Waldorf personal injury attorney will also want to know how the victim’s injury impacted his or her employment. For example, the victim might have lost time off work for medical treatment and recovery. Additionally, the accident may have caused a permanent disability that could affect the victim’s ability to earn a living.


If liability is clear, it is more likely that the claim will have a higher value than if liability can be argued.

Limitations and Effects on Daily Life

A Waldorf personal injury attorney might ask you several questions about how the accident affected your life. You may be compensated for facing new limitations regarding hobbies and recreational activities that you used to enjoy. Additionally, if your relationship with your romantic partner or children has been affected, compensation may be available for this element of damages.

Quality of Witnesses

Another important consideration is the quality of any witnesses that may testify at the trial regarding your accident. Testimony from an objective eyewitness, a medical professional or a spouse who has been affected by the accident can be powerful.

Legal Assistance from a Waldorf Personal Injury Attorney

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