Our Waldorf Car Accident Attorney Discusses Mistakes That Reduce Case Value

Our Waldorf Car Accident Attorney Discusses Mistakes That Reduce Case Value

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If you’ve been in a motor vehicle collision, it’s important to contact a Waldorf car accident attorney immediately. Even if your case is well under way, you aren’t out of the woods. To protect your case before and during the trial, avoid these common mistakes.

  1. Criminal convictions can hurt your case and reduce the amount of compensation that you receive.
  2. To protect your case, do not contact any witnesses even if they will be testifying on your behalf.
  3. Don’t throw away doctor’s bills, medical records, or any paperwork that documents your injuries.
  4. Exorbitant damages will not be tolerated. You have a duty to mitigate damages by controlling medical expenses and avoiding additional injuries.
  5. It’s imperative to comply with your doctor’s orders and keep all medical appointments.
  6. Monitor your behavior at work to ensure that any testimony from your employer remains positive.
  7. To avoid retaliatory testimony, keep marital problems under control until your case is settled.
  8. If you change jobs, move or can’t make a meeting, let your attorney know. Poor preparation can create problems when you testify or are cross-examined.
  9. Don’t discuss your case with friends or strangers. The defense can call on these individuals to testify against you.

Small mistakes can have a dramatic effect on your case. Here’s one real-world example from a successful Waldorf car accident attorney. The day before the trial was set to begin, the attorney received a call from a man who said that he overheard the plaintiff talking about her case in a local restaurant. When the woman made her original deposition, she said that she hadn’t consumed any alcohol before the accident. Unfortunately, the man said she told her friend that she had been drinking. During the trial, the man was called in as a rebuttal witness. In just 30 minutes, the jury ruled in favor of the defendant, and the plaintiff’s case was lost due to her inconsistent testimony. Other mistakes can be equally damaging.

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