Our Waldorf Car Accident Attorney Discusses an Improper Insurance Letter

Our Waldorf Car Accident Attorney Discusses an Improper Insurance Letter

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A Waldorf car accident attorney can explain the legal responsibilities that insurance companies have. When insurance companies intentionally deny claims to avoid rightfully paying out, this can results in a claim of insurance bad faith. A Waldorf car accident lawyer can explain some strategies that insurance companies may use to wrongfully deny claims.

Failing to Reference Specific Facts

If an insurance denial letter fails to state specific information about the accident, this may indicate that there was never an investigation into the accident.

Mention of Irrelevant Provisions

The insurance denial letter may also reference provisions in the insurance policy that are not relevant to the claim. Another indication of a wrongful denial is when the insurance denial letter states policy language that does not actually exist in the policy. Some insurance companies may refuse to provide customers with a copy of the insurance policy so that they are unable to compare the insurance company’s denial information and the actual information in the policy.

Failure to Mention Pertinent Provisions

In contrast, an insurance company may fail to reference insurance provisions that are pertinent to the case.

Request for More Information

The insurance company may deny the claim but ask for more information about the accident at the same time.

Rescission of Coverage

A Waldorf car accident attorney may also explain that an insurance company acting in bad faith may attempt to retroactively rescind coverage by stating that the policyholder made material misrepresentations in his or her application for insurance.

Assertion of Additional Defenses

In case the other reasons are not justified in denying the claim, a Waldorf car accident attorney may explain that the insurance company might reserve the right to assert additional defenses to deny the claim.

Legal Assistance from a Waldorf Car Accident Attorney

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