A Waldorf Auto Accident Attorney on Whether to Settle or Sue

gavel balance waldorf auto accident attorneyA Waldorf auto accident attorney can review the statistics of car accident injury cases. A large majority of these cases settle well before trial. An attorney can discuss whether settling or suing is the better option in your particular case.

Settlement Before a Lawsuit

A Waldorf auto accident attorney can explain the advantages of settling a claim before there is a lawsuit. This includes receiving compensation more quickly, avoiding the time and expense of a trial and avoiding the risk of having a jury decide the case.

Demand Letter

In many claims, a Waldorf auto accident lawyer prepares a demand letter before going to court. This letter details the compensation that you are seeking and why you feel this amount has been substantiated.

Preparation for a Demand Letter

A Waldorf auto accident lawyer can explain that there are many steps involved in drafting a proper demand letter. You must request medical records and bills from your medical providers. You should also request records from your employer to show the time that you were away from your job due to the accident. Your lawyer will also want to acquire information regarding the other party’s liability.

Drafting of a Demand Letter

In the demand letter, each important date should be listed. The letter should also contain a description of the accident. List specific amounts of monetary damages and to what they are attributed. You may want to include supporting documents that showcase this information.

Going to Court

If a satisfactory settlement is not offered by the insurance company, you and your lawyer may discuss going to court.

Seeking Legal Assistance from  Waldorf Auto Accident Attorney

Even if you pursue a trial, you can settle at any time before the jury enters a verdict. To talk with a Waldorf auto accident attorney, call The Law Office of Carroll Drake, LC at (301) 638-1280.