Our Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Attorney Discusses the Importance of Emergency Room Records

Our Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Attorney Discusses the Importance of Emergency Room Records

Vancouver Motorcycle Accident AttorneyVancouver motorcycle accident attorney Loren Scott Etengoff knows that time is of the essence when investigating an accident. Documentation is always crucial when attempting to determine what happened in a vehicle accident that sends injured victims to an emergency room. An immediate diagnosis of injuries can be solid evidence when your Vancouver motorcycle accident attorney presents your case to the court if there is a question about the time of the accident or extent of injuries. Motorcycle accidents are often deadly and almost always produce multiple injuries to the motorcyclist.

Contents of Your Emergency Room Medical Records

Your Vancouver motorcycle accident attorney can use the information in the medical record to determine what injuries are related to the accident. The medical record may also contain your medical history as well, or at least some pertinent information that is necessary when being treated. The diagnosis of the medical professionals will also be included, including a prognosis for a treatment regimen such as surgery and medications. It will also contain information regarding your pain level and requests for pain medication.

Potential Hidden Injuries

The problem with accident injuries is that the most serious injuries tend to be treated first and secondary injuries can get overlooked. It is always important to be thorough when communicating with your doctor because they will document all pain indications and can test for the cause. Soft-tissue tears are very common in motorcycle accidents as well as serious injuries. Your Vancouver motorcycle accident attorney will always advise to tell your medical treatment professionals everything that could be a developing injury, as it is common for soft-tissue injuries to manifest later. Timing can be crucial with late developing injuries as well and they need inclusion on the record.

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