Settlements and Settlement Authority

Settlements and Settlement Authority

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Your Waldorf personal injury lawyer can explain that defense attorneys may often state that they must obtain authority from their client before they can accept a particular settlement amount on their behalf. While this is true, many Waldorf personal injury lawyers who work for defendants often have this conversation with their clients well before the actual settlement negotiation. Additionally, many defense attorneys know more about their authority to settle the case or have more authority than they initially communicate.

Value of Case

Many Waldorf personal injury lawyers who represent insurance companies often can estimate the authority value that they can offer to the plaintiff. Additionally, your Waldorf personal injury attorney may ask the defense attorney what he or she believes is the value of the case. To get the settlement authority, your Waldorf personal injury lawyer may add an additional 50 to 100 percent of the case. The case size, the factors leading to liability and the extent that your damages have been documented all affect the value of your case. However, in most cases, the defense attorney will try to save the insurance money as much money as possible by staying away from the top portion of the settlement authority or by litigating the case.

Reason to Settle

Your Waldorf personal injury attorney can explain that a defense attorney may not have much of an incentive to settle a case. This holds true unless the defense attorney believes that they may be ordered to pay a substantial amount at trial. If the defense attorney thinks that he or she can win the case based on liability or on damages, he or she may wish to pursue the case in court. For you, the better option is often to accept a reasonable settlement amount, rather than drag out the process by pursuing a trial that results in a low jury verdict. Many litigants agree that the stress that is nearly inevitable in litigation is not worth the difference in value of the jury award and the final settlement offer.

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