Our Waldorf Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses Payment Timeline

Our Waldorf Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses Payment Timeline

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At the forefront of any claimant’s mind is how long it will take to receive the settlement check. This is natural, considering you have likely waited months and may have bills accumulating. While your Waldorf auto accident lawyer should be able to give you a fairly good idea of how long payment will take, the following provides some basics.

What Must Be Done Prior to Sending You the Check

While you are the person who has received the settlement, in actuality you are the last person who will see payment. This is because your Waldorf auto accident lawyer is required to take certain steps and make other payments first. These include:

  • You will be required to sign a release that settles your claim. This release means that you are forever relinquishing your right to sue the party responsible for your injuries in exchange for the settlement.
  • Should any medical bills remain, these must be paid out of your settlement.
  • Your attorney must then deduct from your payment his fee, out-of-pocket expenses, and other costs related to your claim.
  • If your personal insurance or other entity has made payments to you, these must be paid back.

How Long It Will Take for Your Check to Arrive

Once your attorney has satisfied all the above-mentioned responsibilities, the check will be mailed to you. Assuming no unexpected situations arise, the total time it will take to sign documents, pay the other parties, and send you the remainder of the settlement should be in the range of two to six weeks.

Work with a Waldorf Auto Accident Lawyer If You Have a Claim

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