Our Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Demand Figures

Our Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Demand Figures

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Having a Maryland personal injury attorney like Carroll Drake representing your case can make a major difference in receiving a fair settlement for your personal injury claim. The legal professionals from the Law Office of Carroll Drake have an excellent working knowledge of how personal injury claim values are calculated using specific compensatory damage recovery criteria. All personal injury cases are not equal in value, based largely on the severity of the injury and financial loss of the injured victim. Your Maryland personal injury lawyer can craft your case for a maximum settlement using the main components of claim value computation based on your personal situation.

Medical Bills Coverage

The first issue determining the value of your personal injury claim is adding the medical bills and expenses associated with making medical treatment appointments. The more severe the personal injury is usually means the more intense the treatment regimen, which will also result in additional medical bills. It is very important to meet all treatment appointments and supply documentation to your Maryland personal injury lawyer for all treatment processes. In addition, leave no medical issue untreated if it can be attributed to the accident.

Lost Wages

The next component of calculating the value of your personal injury claim requires lost wage documentation that your attorney can use to pinpoint the exact amount of income that is actually recoverable due to the personal injury. Injured plaintiffs who are employed at a high rate of pay will obviously have a greater claim value than injured parties with lower income levels when the rate of pay is well-documented. Additionally, injured claimants who are self-employed may have difficulty providing the documentation necessary to maximize a claim. Always be diligent in acquiring as much documentation as possible regarding your lost wages because this can absolutely enhance claim value when your representative is determining a maximum damage demand amount.

Non-economic Pain-and-Suffering Damages

The severity of an injury and the amount of time necessary to recover can also impact your claim demand value when the multiplication factor is included, even though most states have set a cap on pain-and-suffering demand value enhancements. Having an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney can mean the difference between a maximum settlement or an amount that is less than equitable.

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