Issues That Are Considered When Determining a Case’s Value

Issues That Are Considered When Determining a Case’s Value

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With a personal injury case, there are many issues that go into determining its value. A Waldorf auto accident attorney can assist you with understanding the various factors that are important.

A Waldorf Auto Accident Lawyer Will Explain How Collision Damage Will Be Viewed

The damage to the automobile in certain cases might make it appear as if the crash wasn’t serious. If your vehicle was completely smashed in the front and back, it will be easier to convince a jury that your injuries were more serious. A more minimal amount of damage will lead to questioning as to how bad the injuries could have been with such limited damage to the vehicle. This is when it’s imperative to have pictures of all vehicles involved in the crash. Images can help with convincing claims adjusters as well as juries that the injuries weren’t minor.

Appealing to the Jury

Your lawyer will explain the importance of how you are perceived by the jury. Likability can be key. In the event that you don’t come across well to the jury, it might be preferable to consider a settlement rather than going to trial.

The Defendant’s Image Is Also of Major Import

In some instances, defendants have a negative image. That doesn’t happen very frequently in smaller cases. Smaller cases make it harder to have a prototypically “bad” defendant.

A “bad” defendants might be the drunk driver or the driver who was speeding. With a defendant who is considered “bad,” there is a better chance for a larger settlement. Jurors will be more likely to sympathize with the defendant who appears to be innocent and harmless. A Waldorf auto accident attorney should be able to recognize these differences.

Discuss Your Case

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