Some Insurers Are More Difficult to Negotiate Settlements with than Others

Some Insurers Are More Difficult to Negotiate Settlements with than Others

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A Waldorf personal injury lawyer will explain why it is often a fruitless endeavor to try and settle a case with certain insurance companies.

Your Waldorf Personal Injury Attorney Can Tell You Why Some Insurers Are Difficult to Negotiate a Settlement With

There are certain insurers that are reluctant to settle smaller and mid-range cases for an acceptable amount unless your personal injury lawyer files a lawsuit or makes clear that the case will be brought to trial if necessary.

Soft tissue injuries are harder to come to a clear medical determination and are more likely to be questioned. The adjuster will scrutinize the case and the attorney will be wasting time and energy trying to get a decent settlement amount.

A Waldorf Personal Injury Attorney Can Only Settle with a Company Willing to Negotiate

It takes flexibility on both ends for a settlement to be reached. If your lawyer is trying to negotiate a settlement and the insurer is being difficult, there’s not much that can be done short of litigation. If a lawyer is known as one who settles cases almost exclusively, the insurer will act accordingly and offer a lower settlement amount or no settlement at all.

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