When to Expect Settlement

When to Expect Settlement

Waldorf car accident attorney

When you meet with your Waldorf car accident attorney for the first time, you may ask when you can expect the insurance company to offer a settlement. Your Waldorf car accident attorney can explain that many factors affect the answer to this question. Here are a few considerations.

How Busy the Insurance Adjuster Is

If the insurance adjuster is actively working on several cases at one time, your Waldorf car accident attorney can explain that it may take longer to settle your case. Insurance adjusters may have more cases at certain times of the year, such as during the winter or after holidays.


Another important factor that your Waldorf car accident lawyer can point out is the question of liability. If liability was clear in the case, your attorney may inform you that settlement may be reached within a couple of months. However, if liability is not clear or if other parties shared in liability for the accident, your Waldorf car accident lawyer may warn you that your settlement may take longer.

Insurance Policies

Some insurance companies require that multiple supervisors approve an offer from an insurance adjuster. If this is the case, your settlement might take longer.

Documentation of the Case

Another important factor of the case is how well documented the adjuster and your Waldorf car accident lawyer have made the claim.

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