Personal Injury

Personal Injury Law Firm Helping Clients Who Have Been Injured in Southern Maryland

You have been injured in a car accident and are unable to work. The bills are piling up, and you are still without a car. The other driver’s insurance company offers a settlement that seems a little low, but you need the money. What should you do?

Call The Law Office of Carroll Drake, L.C., located in Waldorf, Maryland. The insurance company does not know the full extent of your injuries or the medical treatment required. Our personal injury lawyers will deal with the insurance companies for you to ensure that you are compensated fairly. Contact us today.

We Have Personal Injury Experience

Having to deal with an injury is bad enough without the insurance company pressuring you to settle. A quick and cheap settlement is what the insurance company wants, regardless of your injuries. Don’t be pressured.

Injuries from a car accident, motorcycle accident or truck accident can be severe and even fatal. Head injuries, brain damage and paralysis may require a lifetime of treatment. The other party’s insurance settlement will probably not take these things into account.

You Don’t Have To Go Through It Alone

We will deal with the insurance company and their attorneys. The law allows you to be paid for your lost work, medical bills, and the repair or replacement your vehicle. You only have a limited amount of time to file suit, and it is important to preserve your rights while evidence and your memory of the accident is still fresh.

After a personal injury, it is important that you focus on recovering. We will focus on getting you a fair and just settlement for your injuries. Contact us as soon as possible after your accident to speak with a personal injury attorney.