Family Law

Family Law Attorneys Serving Clients in Southern Maryland

Child custody, child support and divorce issues can be highly contentious. At these times, having experienced family law attorneys on your side is the best decision you can make.

Our attorneys at The Law Office of Carroll Drake, L.C., located in Waldorf, Maryland, are experienced in taking clients through emotional family law issues. We want to protect your children and get a fair result for you. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation about your family law issue.

Child Custody and Child Support

The best family law solutions often happen as the result of a compromise between parties. A series of give and take can result in a child support or child custody agreement that both parties can live with. Failure to agree on a plan leaves the decision to a judge who does not know you or your children. It also increases the overall expense.

We have the family law negotiation experience and will advocate for your interests from start to finish. Divorce is hard on children, and minimizing the disruption to the family is what we want to do.


Whether you are a step parent, grandparent or other individual seeking to adopt a child, we can help. As the father of two adopted children, attorney Carroll Drake has been through the adoption process. He and our other attorneys know that being thorough with the court filings will mean a smooth approval from the court.

Divorce and You

Maryland is not a community property state. It has adopted an equitable distribution approach to dividing marital assets between parties. This means if an agreement can’t be reached on the division of property, a judge will do it for you. Our attorneys know that equitable does not mean equal distribution. We will work to help you obtain the best possible settlement.

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