Charles County Personal Injury Attorneys Explain What a “Deposition” Is

Charles County personal injury attorneys A deposition is the process through which lawyers on both sides get evidence through a person’s testimony.

A deposition is conducted out-of-court and consists oral testimony that is given under oath in response to questions from lawyers.

Injury Lawyers Get Testimony Through Depositions

Depositions of the key witnesses are important parts of any lawsuit.

Depositions can and probably will be taken of several different people. One of the most important of these is the deposition of the plaintiff. If you have a lawsuit then at some point the lawyer for the defendant will want to take your deposition to ask you about how the accident took place and how you were injured.

Where Depositions Are Taken, and What Goes on at a Deposition

Depositions can take place almost anywhere. Usually, they take place in the office of one of the lawyers working on the case. However, either for convenience or for strategic reasons, sometimes they take place in a hotel conference room, or at court reporter’s office, or at an office of the person being deposed.

Although sometimes there are other people present, usually the people in the room are the person being deposed, the attorneys for each side, and a court reporter who will make a verbatim transcription of the deposition.

The first thing that happens is that the person being deposed is sworn in, promising under penalty of perjury to tell the truth.

What Is the Purposes of a Deposition

There are many different things that are accomplished at a deposition, and the primary purpose of a specific deposition depends on the circumstances of the lawsuit and what the lawyer needs.

However, some general purposes of depositions are for the lawyer to:

  • Learn the facts.
  • Lock in testimony so that a witness cannot change things at trial.
  • Learn how the witness will behave while being questioned.
  • Get some facts admitted so that it is not necessary to prove them by other ways.

The Importance of Depositions

Depositions are extremely important in lawsuits. In a personal injury case the insurance company will evaluate its settlement offer based on the results of depositions.

If a plaintiff in a personal injury action shows in a deposition that he or she is an honest, believable, and sympathetic witness then the insurance company and the defense attorney will become be interested in settling the case without going to trial.

Your Waldorf, Maryland, Car Accident Lawyer Will Help You With Your Deposition

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