How a Claims Adjuster Might Grow Suspicious of a Personal Injury Claim

How a Claims Adjuster Might Grow Suspicious of a Personal Injury Claim

In a personal injury claim, clients of a Waldorf car accident attorney often ask about what makes a claims adjuster suspicious.

How the Timing of a Claim Can Give Pause to a Claims Adjuster

If a person retains a lawyer quickly, it will be looked at suspiciously by the claims adjuster. An adjuster being able to work seamlessly with a claimant will make their job easier. They will view the hiring of an attorney when there is a problem with the negotiations as understandable. If the attorney is hired immediately, the adjuster might hesitate and call the claim into question.

If the adjuster receives notification that an attorney has been retained the day of or the day after the accident, the claimant could be seen as “claims conscious.”

Understanding What Is Meant by “Claim Consciousness”

If a claimant knows the details of making claims, this will be seen as questionable. If there is a history of accident claims, lawsuits and soft tissue injuries, the adjuster will check the Claims Index Bureau to see how many times the claimant has filed claims. Enthusiasm for a rapid settlement will also be viewed as suspicious.

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