How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Car Accident Claim

How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Car Accident Claim

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Even if you have a strong and legitimate car accident case, your case may not succeed if you do not practice proper conduct as a plaintiff or do not get adequate counseling from your Waldorf auto accident attorney. Any experienced Waldorf auto accident lawyer knows that the more he or she contacts a client, the less likely it is that the case will be sabotaged. To minimize the chances of sabotage, your lawyer should take the following steps:

• Conduct a conference with the client and their spouse to discuss potential mistakes that could sabotage the claim;
• maintain consistent contact through phone, letter and in-person meetings;
• advise the client that they will be closely monitored during the litigation process;
• request that the client keep them informed of life changes; and
• instruct the client to follow doctors’ orders, maintain appointments and do their best to recover from their injury.

The Importance of Contact

Although your Waldorf auto accident attorney will be responsible for pursuing your case, you also play an important role as a plaintiff. By maintaining consistent contact with your lawyer, you make his or her job easier and greatly improve your chances of a successful case. If you wait too long or fail to inform your Waldorf auto accident attorney of major changes that can affect the verdict, it can be disastrous for your claim.

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